bart maras

I'm Bart, a Belgian with a Mediterranean twist who loves to get things organised and has a passion to make things grow.

For 11 years I've been pushing the digital agenda within IKEA on local and global level. I know how important and yet how difficult it is for a company to get out of their set ways of working and to put the pre-requisites in place to transform a traditional business model into a business model where digital becomes the core capability that complements and enhances the retail experience. Ingvar Kamprad once said: "Most things remain to be done." And that is still very true for IKEA today.

I'm at my best when I can connect people and bring them together to get things moving. My approach is generally the same, regardless the topic: listening and assessing, analysing and re-imagining, and then planning and executing.

As a people person with strong communication and project management skills I not only bring structure and clarity to a team. I also bring fun, warmth, and drive. I have built up great insights into what good branding means on an operational, strategic, and conceptual level, and can help build the strategic frameworks needed for success.

Here you find the overview of my experiences and achievements.

Education and certificates

Things I love and value