bart maras

I'm Bart, a Belgian with a Mediterranean twist.

I studied languages, mathematics, sciences and drama before I packed my bags and left for Nepal to ponder the Question of Life, the Universe and Everything. I discovered there that the answer is in fact 42.

With that knowledge I came back and took up a job as a tourist entertainer in Bulgaria before returning to Belgium to study Social and Cultural Education at the University of Brussels. I graduated in 2003 when the job market was saturated with experienced unemployed talent following the post 9-11 austerity budget cuts.

So I started working as a waiter in a cocktail bar until I found a job at the Fondation Folon. When they launched a website they put me in charge of the updates. That's where I caught the love for web communication that would eventually lead me into the fabulous world of Swedish home furnishing.

First as a Webmaster, then as the Internet Responsible Person, then the Global Market Collaboration Communicator and now the Business Area Manager of Information Management.

To know what these exotic job titles mean, have a look at the experience page.