Better strategies,
faster decisions.

Save valuable time and avoid endless discussions with a facilitated approach that your entire team buys into.

Get to the heart of the issue

Rekindle your brand passion

Try some Brand Therapy

When your brand no longer resonates as it once did, you start to hold back. You no longer put yourself out there as much as you should do. Leading to less reach, fewer leads, and lower conversion.

In a Brand Therapy sprint we revisit what your brand really stands for. Its true purpose and added value. And how that aligns everything you do. 

We define what you need to get back in the game. With renewed confidence and a refreshed brand that gets the organisation excited and proud of your business again.

From problem to problem solved

Get your team cracking with these out the box formats that turn challenges into action plans

Challenge 360

Challenge 360

Agree what the real challenge 
is your team has to solve. Take away a clear problem statement and clarity on what issues to tackle.

Strategy Signal

Strategy Signal

Define long term goals 
and how to reach them. Agree on initiatives and a high level roadmap of what will happen when.


Turn your strategy into actions and and your high level roadmap into a digital project plan with committed responsibilities.

Lightning Decision Jam

Lightning Decision

Make tough decision to solve sticky problems. Map what’s holding you back, prioritise, and decide what to tackle first.

What you get

time saved

Skip endless meetings and get to the point


Separate priorities from what's less important


Get your team back on the same page


Bring back a sense of hope and optimism

Who am I?

 I worked more than 15 years in marketing, advertising, customer service, and in business & concept development. 

A lot of my experience was built during the 11 years pushing the digital agenda within IKEA, both at a national and a global level.

During that time I developed a deep understanding of how  a solid brand strategy provides a compass that gives direction to each and everyone in the organisation. 

So that is what I set out to do as a freelancer: helping organisations remember who they really are, what their purpose is, in how they can cut through the noise to become a better version of themselves. 

Check out the details of my professional experience on my LinkedIn profile.

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